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Accessorize Your Bingo!

Playing bingo should always be fun and never boring. That is why a lot of bingo equipment manufacturers have thought of ways to make bingo more creative, more fun and more exciting. They have come up with excellent accessories which bingo players can choose from, such as bingo chips, bingo wands, bingo magnetic chips, bingo call-out cards, and glue sticks. They are not only stylish, they are also very useful in any bingo game.

Bingo Chips

These bingo chips are used by players to mark their cards, instead of daubers. Most sets contain a thousand chips that come in different colors. Some bingo chips come in neon colors, pastel colors and metallic colors. This variation in colors is a way of satisfying the bingo players' every taste.

Bingo Wands and Bingo Magnetic Chips

Bingo Wands are used for picking up the magnetic bingo chips. Magnetic chips are just like the regular bingo chips, only with metal on the outside ring. This metal makes it possible for the bingo wand to pick the bingo chips up. These are used by bingo players who play a lot of cards at a time.

Bingo Call-Out Cards

Buying bingo balls may require buying the bingo cage too. This is very expensive, that is why most players are hesitant to own a bingo set. However, they should not hesitate anymore because today, there are bingo call-out cards that eliminate the need to buy bingo balls and cages.

The bingo call-out cards are just like your regular playing cards, but the numbers printed on them are for bingo. When you have these call-out cards, all you have to do is to shuffle them and draw a card to play bingo. This is very practical for those who cannot afford the expensive bingo balls and cages. Another good side of these cards is that you can bring them anywhere, unlike the cages and the balls. Therefore, you can play bingo anywhere and anytime you like.

Glue Sticks

A common problem for bingo players is the constantly flying of their bingo cards while in game. This cannot be prevented especially if the bingo is played outdoors. Some have solved this problem by putting a paperweight on their cards. But a better idea would be just to stick them to the table with glue, which is what glue sticks are made for.

Glue sticks eliminate the trouble of putting so many things on top of your cards just to keep them in place. Today, they are available individually or by bulk. It is now a must to have this in bingo events.

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