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Common Online Bingo Lingo

When you are into playing online bingo for the first few times, you might experience some difficulty understanding some alphabet soup that spills out of the chat area while the game is going on. In order for online players to keep up with the fast pace of the virtual caller and in order to socialize, online bingo players use shorthand for some common expressions. Listed below are some common abbreviations that you'll always see on the online chat area.

72 or any other number. Some players who just needs O-72 to win, will just simply type "72" in the chat area. This will either be for good luck or for letting others know that it is the number that he needs.

pls. "Please" There are times that a player who is close to hit a bingo on a big jackpot may type this. If for example, the player needs I-17 to hit bingo, he may type "17 pls" on the chat area.

gl. "Good luck!" Sometimes before the game starts, it is a good habit to type "gl" on the chat area. By this, you are wishing other players good luck while also wishing for yourself.

wtg. "Way to go!" When a player wins an online bingo, you may see a lot of "wtg" on the chat area from other players.

gj. "Good Job!" Some people use this as another way of saying "way to go".

tyvm. "Thank you very much." This is shorthand to say thank you to everyone who wish you well.

gg. "Good game." This usually said after the game from a player who is being a good sport.

brb. "Be right back." Players of an online game like bingo use this if they get up to answer the phone, get a cup of coffee or any other thing they need to do.

afk. "Away from keyboard." This is to let other know that you are not sitting in front of your computer at the moment.

lol. "Laugh out loud." Since other players cannot actually see you if you laugh online, so they instead type this to let other know that they appreciated a joke.

rotfl. "Roll on the floor, laughing." This is usually used if the joke has been very funny.

After you become familiar with these common online vocabularies, you are now ready to play a game of online bingo without being confused of what the other player is talking about. Where to play? Check and select from many online bingo websites available on the internet.

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Common Online Bingo Lingo


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