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Bingo Patterns

Most gambling fans must be familiar with the different bingo patterns, especially those who are fans of bingo. But for those who are just starting to learn how to play this gambling game, it will be helpful to discuss what different bingo patterns are being played today.

Here are some of them:

Top Row - in this bingo pattern, gambling players must be able to cover the top row of his bingo cards. This means that the first numbers on each column found in the gambling player's bingo card must be drawn by the caller for him or her to win.

Vertical - like the in the top row, the gambling player must cover a straight line out of his card's numbers. But in vertical pattern, instead of covering the numbers on the same row, the gambling player must cover the numbers in the same column, hence, the term vertical.

Horizontal - this is a variation of top row pattern, but the difference is that the gambling player will win if he's the first to cover any of the rows on his bingo card, not necessarily the top one. Any row will just do.

Bottom Row - this is the opposite of the top row. Now, instead of the need to cover the top row of the bingo card, the gambling player should be able to be the first one to cover the last row on his bingo card.

Middle Row - a variation of the horizontal pattern, only the row must be the middle one. It is a lot easier compared to the other row patterns, because the middle row only requires the gambling player to cover four numbers, the center number being the free space.

Diagonal - also an easy pattern like the middle row, because the gambling player is required to cover only four numbers on his bingo card, but in a diagonal pattern.

Four Corners - another pattern in which it is required that the gambling player to cover four of his card's numbers. Here, the gambling player must be the first to cover the numbers occupying the corners of his bingo card to be able to win.

Inside Four Corners - this is a variation of the four corners, but the numbers are positioned closer to each other. These are the corners surrounding the free space. This means that the gambling player must cover the second and fourth numbers in the I and G column.

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