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Do you want to learn some bingo trivia? Here are some bingo trivia which you can share with your friends on your next session:

There are more women who play bingo than men

Surveys show that women prefer playing bingo, while men choose to play poker. This can be explained by the urge of women to socialize. In bingo, they can talk to the other players as much as they want to, unlike in poker. Men, on the other hand, are more generally silent, which is why poker fits them better.

Only thirty percent of bingo players are younger than thirty five years old.

In the past, the percentage ws much lower. But since bingo is becoming more hip and fun, it is attracting the younger crowd more. The remaining seventy percent is composed largely of retirees on pension.

The primary reason for playing bingo is mostly for pleasure.

Some think that people only play bingo for the money. However, survey says that money ranks low in the list of the reasons why people play bingo. Come to think of it, bingo is indeed the ultimate social gambling game, where people can have fun just by talking to others instead of winning the jackpot. Of course winning the jackpot won't hurt anyone's feelings!

A professor in mathematics has gone crazy after generating random numbers for bingo cards.

The name of this professor is Carl Leffler, who produced six thousand bingo cards before going crazy. We know that for humans, generating random-number bingo cards is no easy feat, so imagine just how hard it is to produce six thousand of them. Luckily for us, today, several computer programs can automatically generate bingo cards for us, or else, we'd all go crazy.

The number of unique bingo cards that can be produced is 1,474,200.

Indeed, there are numerous possible combinations for bingo cards. Bingo operators will naturally want to distribute different cards to players, and bingo players naturally want to play with unique cards.

Bingo was first used as a fund-raising scheme at a church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Today, bingo is widely used for charity by different institutions like church, schools and even non-government organizations. Because of this practice, bingo now has a wholesome and friendly image, which other gambling games lack. It is found out that people prefer to engage in a game that gives back to the community or helps people in need. This is what you call playing with a cause.

Getting to Know the Payouts in Bingo


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Common Online Bingo Lingo


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Getting the Best Odds in Bingo


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