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Higher Bingo Jackpots to be Legalized by Michigan Senate

The Michigan Senate is expected to approve a bill soon that would allow a higher payout to bingo fundraiser operated by charity organizations.

Under the present law, the bingo jackpots that are offered in a game are limited to $500 dollars and the bingo operators are prohibited from holding more than 10 bingo games per week.

Senator Jim Barcia sponsored the Senate Bill 435 that will permit non profit bingo parlors to host as many as 14 games a week with jackpots reaching up to $3,500 dollars.

The new regulations involving bingo games would allow nonprofit bingo operations to be at par and compete with other entertainment establishments such as the more flashy casinos that have been a huge factor on the downslide in the revenue of the charity bingo games.

Charity bingo game revenues have dropped from an immense $44 million dollars in 1990 to a mere $8 million dollars as of today. A higher jackpot will more likely to atttract players and will help charity organizations who need bingo money to survive and continue their projects which benefit the community and help the less fortunate.

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